Azhagu - Tamil Serial | அழகு | Episode 399 | Sun TV Serials | 14 March 2019 | Revathy | VisionTime

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 मार्च, 2019
Azhagu Tamil Serial latest Full Episode 399 Telecasted on 14 Mar 2019 in Sun TV. Azhagu Serial ft. Revathy, Thalaivasal Vijay, Shruthi Raj and Aishwarya in the lead roles. Azhagu serail Produced by Vision Time, Directed by Sundareshwarar, Dialogues by Jagan.
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Azhagu serial deals with the love between a husband (Thalaivasal Vijay) and wife (Revathi), even though they have been married for decades, and have successful and very strong individual personas.
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  • Ioooo enda kaviya va pz katta venam rba rba iritaing

  • sun TV LA pakka vendiya 3 serial- top1- alagu , 2- roja, 3- lakshmi stores.

  • Overacting

  • Mokka moonji madhan.. Intha kaanja moonji kavya kaha petha Amma va ye thitra... Thu... Iva oru aalu.. Ithu oru loveu..ithula un moonji ku englees vera

  • Sd , super acting,madhan Kavya love scene ventam,

  • Madhan role actor not able to digest both his acting, personalty and face. Better to change the actor

  • Azhagu promo poduga

  • Take more such serials, more Pollachi events will happen, misguiding the society TV cinema number 1

  • Super like panuga

  • nice episode, love it as always !!! :)

  • Very nice Serial Azhagu

  • Promo konjam ckaram podunga kindly request

  • Stupid 1000 times derektor

  • Stupid1000 times seriel

  • sudha rmba cute

  • அழகு promo pls

  • Pls upload today alagu serial latest promo

  • ஈசியாக கதை இது தான் என் புரிந்துகொள்ள முடிகிறது.அருமையான தொடர்

  • ithula kuda intha amma villi thana too bad.. i don't like to see her

  • Inimal serial parkka vendam josiyaridame kettu therinthu kollalam

  • Viewers already know the story, please director end call podhunga

  • Sakunthala devi husband oru dummy piece

  • all hair dye today to the samiyaar

  • Really very bad this episode

  • Ayooi throwing sandals... My god... No respect at all... Some using podaa vadaa hmmm dei... What happen to our culture..we from Malaysia still not dare to use such word... Among relationships some to a guy... Or hushband.. Our indian culture being admired and still have special view of other race.. But sometime im totally disappointed seeing some tamil words or the way those girls act

  • First poornathan athe sakuntalavin magalage phoga phora,piraguthan namma sudha.

  • ivala poi love pantran chi kavya

  • Serial is going on someother tract

  • Sankunthala devi cute

  • Wow seema

  • All Sun T V seriels All Radan Seriels Only U Tube la podavandum endru Anbudan kettukolgindren I Am LalithaSubramanyam

  • All Sun T V Seriels Only U Tube ku mattume Subscribed panna vendum endru kettuk kolgiren

    • Iam LalithaSubramanyam

  • Innum oru 200 varusham kalichi josiyam pakehvendiyathu thane

  • Sakunthala devi. beautiful! ur acting, dressing, mannerisms ...super mam...

  • Hai ravi

  • Sudha tha evanga ponno😳

  • Please please please please Kavya kaamikaadhinga

  • Ravi magesh velaikku poga madangala

  • Poorana first varvanext sudtha eppdivarva avalukuthan Amma andthrala irukagala

  • Kavya over than nee. Periya azhagu nenapu

  • Shakunthala Devi mam ur looking super

  • Sakunthala character is super

  • mathan good carecter kavya over seen

  • Alaguammai fans like here😆😆

  • Thirumanam serial la vara saamiyar...

  • SD semma அழகு

  • Kavya super

  • Kavya change pannuga

  • Gayathri mam why accept. Mother character u look preety also i think sudha is elder than u

  • Stupid serial . Nayagi n alagu traveling in same line . How many feel like that

  • 6

  • Sagu Mam Super... Unga Face Reactions Ku Naa Eppodhum Aadimai ♥

  • Pls change Kavya scene.Kavya very irritating.

  • Mathan ,kavya track totally wastes and irritating..

  • Ithutha unga appa amma valrpa

  • Kavya unnodaya moonchiku ithellam romba over...Nee ivvalavu secene lam poda koodAthu...oru paiyana nee serupala adipiya

  • Sagunthala devi innaiku alaga irukaanga

  • I hope they find out who the hit and run driver was? It will be interesting.

  • Ooh shailaja dhn kids ah aal vachu thooka sollucha 😮😮😮

  • Story is really pathetic. Comments have become less. I think this serial has started losing its magic due to its one side portrayal and justification and Moreover over projection of one character to show her goody goody. Still not learnt the lesson this team. Sakuntala Vs Sutha is boring. Sudha turning lawyer overnight is annoying. Kavya love track is disgusting.

  • sailaaavum antha kelavivum thaaa ethiriyaaa irupaaanga pola

  • sailaaa unaku ye ivlavu 😣😣

  • saguntaladevi super

  • Sakunthala devi kids all Azhuguamai marumagal and marumagan. What a pity

  • Kavya nee kadaisiya solla illa adha pannu

  • New method of locating lost children. Go see samiyar. Nonsense.

  • sho indha boy nalla podiyan

  • I am reminded of Parthasarathi bhatter when it comes shells

  • Kada.nalla.erukku.anakka.pudihhurakku

  • oru 300 episodesku matter

  • Why is that sun tv doesn't have a good restaurant

  • If this is cool why is sitting behind the seat

  • சகுந்தல்அம்மா😍😍😍👍👍👍👍

  • Rendu pillaikala ondu sutha 2nd????

  • மதன்😍😃👍

  • Po d looosu mundam kaavia👊👊

  • Not nice to see this kavya love. It's irritating.

  • கிழட்டு அத்தையும் சைலஜாவும் முழிக்கிற முழி சரியில்லையே.சகுந்தலாதேவியின் வீட்டுக்குள்ளேயே பூதங்களா?(வில்லிகள்).

  • ஒரு பெண்ணை அவமானப்படுத்தி தரப்படும் பெறப்படும் அன்பு தருபவருவுக்கும் பெருபவருக்கும் அதே அவமானத்தை பரிசளிக்கும் ! இது காவ்யா மதன் காக மட்டும் இல்லை இங்கே கமெண்ட் செய்பவருக்கும் சேர்த்துதான் ! பெண்களிடம் தகாத வார்த்தை பேசுபவன் அசுரனை விட கொடியவன் !

    • 👏👏

    • 👍👍👌👌👍👍

  • அழகு சீரியல் இனி குழந்தை தொலைந்த கதைதான்

  • nice episode

  • Madan nd kavya super👌👌

  • Evalo oruthikaga ammava thituraan , sense illatha dog 👈

  • Today romba mokka 👎👎👎

  • Kavya & Madhan are very irritating 👎👎👎

  • Censor board is must for serials Also.already our people are copy Cat.they will be ditched easily. All most all serials having this Kind of scens. I beg all directors Do not encourage duplicate josium.

  • Looks like shakunthala Devi’s sister in law and mother in law are responsible for the kids to be lost

  • Why didn’t sakunthala devi and husband never tried to find out this swami to find out where her kids are ?

  • இந்த காவியா சீன் வெனா கட் பன்னுங்க கடுப்பாகுது

  • Please make scenes with logic

  • kaniye this is serial but I so sorry for Nathan

  • Kavya is very headlong.what does she think a boy should do if he loves her.her slave to do whatever she says.unfortunately Madan still wants to console her.otherwise she would have run behind him after a while .

  • Adiyei sotta kavya unakku evlo scene thevailla d unna paathale bayama irukku d sirikkadha kevalama irukku 👻👻👻👻

  • Sagunthala devi nalla ammanu ninaikravanga like panunga

  • serious mathan oru mokkai actor avan friend driver kuda semaya act pandrean avan mathan pathil replace pana nala irukum next episode ena nadakuthu nangalae easy find out pandrom sema bore mathan character ana sudha makeup reduce aga matagethu alagamai serial alagamai ku oru role ila pesama sudha and mathan serial vaikalam orea bore today episode....

  • Periya aishwrya rainn nenap kavyak

  • We get any number of lovers in our life time but only one mother in our entire life.

  • Ayyayo sudhavum poornavum unmaiyave sisters aa

  • Sakunthala Deviyin unmai peyar a Enna?

    • Gayathiri jayaram

  • Indha restaurant engey irukku indiavila?