Ethiopian Air Crash | Why are Boeing 737 max crashing ?

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 मार्च, 2019
vlog 128
about the Boeing 737 max fatal crash.
may all RIP.
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  • Very sad news ... Ethopiyan plan

  • Great guy. Very interesting and informative

  • One correction: Boeing's annual profits are way too less. You probably mentioned loss in annual revenue which is correct. 5 billion is about 5 percent of its revenue.

  • 🙏 Well explained. Being an enthusiast I understood everything. Thanks for your detailed explanation.

  • I have couple of questions on aircraft automation system: 1. If aircraft senses that it is on stall, it directs nose to take a dive. But shouldn't there be a system which checks whether aircraft is horizontal or diving down after correcting the pitch? And what about rapid decrease in aircraft altitude after the pitch? Why would automation system allow aircraft to fly below 1000 feets even after apparently correcting AOA? In my opinion, rapid decrease in altitude should alert aircraft to override automated pitching. 2. Why would an aircraft designer rule out possibility of damage on external sensors which are over the surface of aircraft? Seems very obvious that there is possibility of sensor getting hit by external object or getting covered due to icing on it. It is located on the body of aircraft. It can clearly get damaged. How could a billion dollar aircraft calculate AOA with an external physical sensor?

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  • Well explained bhai expecting a lot more technical details from you Jai hind!!!

  • Misleading thumbnail, you cheat.....!! 😏😏

  • Thanks for sharing Gaurav...I wish hmare civil le lectures else liye hate.

  • You have talked about air of attack but not once mentioned that it is between 10 to 12 degrees at take off depending upon Aircraft.Can be Max.15 degrees. But 15 to 20 degrees is critical aoa when Aircraft starts stalling .

  • Aaj kuch naya sikhne ko mila ,, thnxx

  • Mentourpilot explained it same way but your is comprehensive

  • Would like to see your views on MH370 in a video. like your videos

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  • Very well explained sir.

  • Beautifully explained.Well done skipper. you're outstanding.

  • 837kvivews 42k likes , 18:04 minuts at same room same chair, your knowledge stop me to skip, gaourav bhai you deserves 1m likes on this video, hope #mumbaikerNikhil will learn somthing from you.

  • What's the difference of Airbus and Boeing

  • Thank you captain for the insight

  • Is there no semi automation in the aircrafts ie the pilots can also control as well as flight computer can control to avoid mistakes by both if so.?

  • Sometimes planes are posssed by demons coz automatically it controls by itself without pilot. That's creepy

  • every professional pays BRIBES to get their professional licenses in every 3rd world know it, i know it..3rd world pilots all pay bribes to say they completed training....theres NOT a 3rd world pilot in the world that didnt pay BRIBES to get his license.. the great and the worst..all pay.. that means 1000s of 3rd world bad pilots dont know how to fly this system.. funny it doesnt happen in the west... 3rd world marginal pilots and chinese counterfeit plastic parts.. thats right..disasters waiting to happen all over the 3rd world...

  • yrrrr, itni mast videos banate ho. \m/ pr iss baar Air France A330 crash kee info galat de gae. That was a pilot induced stall due to wrong inputs, after plane computers switched from normal law to alternate law due to unreliable air speed (coz of icing in pitot tubes). Flight computers didn't force it to go down. (09:40 - 12:00). PS:- baaki content mazedaar rehta hai \m/ sr g

  • Your analysis of Air France crash is incorrect. Pito tube got iced and gave low speed value to pilots. Pilots raised the speed and put the nose up that put the aircraft in stall. Pilots realized it only when First officer got up from sleep and told them he feeling uneasy. When First office saw what was going on, it just crashed in few seconds. It crashed in such a flat angle that aircraft body was infact but crushed vertically. All that the pilots had to do to avoid crash was not do anything as Pito tubes get auto cleaned after 25 seconds. Please study your videos properly before publishing.

    • David Waters Absolutely correct.. He needs to do more ground work before publishing video.

  • Why dislikes??

  • Oh my God. I am shocked and thrilled. Thanks for the information Bhai

  • How difficult it would be to fly Boeing Max 8 if pilot had to disengage MCAS?

  • Sir nice one... and passengers aircraft should be Control by fully by human polit ... tnx

  • Should include this probe checks in pre departure checks??

  • Woaaw sooopara Capt. Many thanks. I think.. Cars ki Tarah.. Kuch extreme safety features hone chaiye.. Planes me.. Ab sabko Pata hai wo peela jacket jo seat ke neechey rakha hota hai.. Usse kisi ki jaan nahi bachti.. Kuch.. Air bags embed hona chaiye.. Jisse.. Agar kuch pange hain serious wale Toh Ek Lal button ho jisko debate hi plane.. Hawa me hi stand still position me aa jageye aur bade bade parachute open ho jaye aur plane. Hang ho jaye... Phir janta ko parachute pehna ke.. Neechey.. Kooda do. Sab bach jaienge

  • Can't we have automation for checking the worthiness of all the sensors and aircraft systems. The automation in maintainance is also required.

  • Yes

  • There is no problem in planes There is political problem see the haqiqat t v It was done by a a big planed

  • Bhai aap ny btaya k nose zyada oonchi kro to stall ho jata hy lekin boing 737 max ki review vedios me wo dekha ray hyn k us ki nose qareeb 80 degree tk onchi ho jati hy lekin wo stall nai hota.. Why?

  • Same to same jasy LTV pickup gari k stayring me play hoti hy... Wo wali bat bta di bhai ny...

  • I think this video will be deleted by the google so i download it... Tnx bro for giving smart informations...

  • Lift, weight, thrust, and drag, AOA, stall...I know everything about flying...Enroll me as Jet Airways pilot...I can replace the pilots going on strike...after all pilot has nothing to do, their input is nullified by the aircraft...Aircraft has to fly itself...does that matter if a qualified pilot is flying or ME (much cheaper alternative)..:)

  • 5 billion dollars is not more important than lives of people . Safety is more important.

  • Thank you for your explanation.

  • Itna hi automated hai toh pilot ko rakkho hi mat... but inke automated bhi toh dhang se kaam nahi karte 🤦‍♂️ itne smart automation hai par vo probe na jame Iska socha hi nhi.. wah

  • Playing with human life's Boeing

  • very elaborately explained and quickly too. Not a single tv news channel has given this kind of info... I think this kind of automation ...air france ..angle of attack...its dangerous...pilot shud hav 70 percent control of flight..coz sensors can malfunction clearly...its a can malfunction Boeing is minting money believe selling 737 max..their last year sale was 30 billion dollars...imagine...but now the problem has been discovered

  • Very good explanation beast

  • Air France Flight 447 crashed not because the automation cancelled the pilot's input but because both the first officers were moving their side sticks in opposite directions cancelling each other's instructions out.

  • The probe which he is talking about is "pitot tube" which measures the velocity. It was iced and stared giving wrong results.

  • Sir, can you make a video about how to become a piolet in india..? how cost & time it takes? the necessary qualfications etc. 😊😊

  • Bhai, last time in the landing tutorial video, you said that while landing the flight comes below 1000 feets it says pull up pull up. And now didn't it warn pilot to pull up? And if it did then due to automatic functionality it should have pulled up. Isn't it?

  • Hello sir, I am from Bangladesh and I am a regular follower of your Channels . and genuinely you are so inspiring . may god bless you and your family . if l will go India someday than literally I will meet from Bangladesh... thank you....

  • Very well explained, thank you!

  • dark times for the families of souls who died on this flight heartbroken :(

  • IS BOEING CO. IN HOT WATERS????????? In the wake of two consecutive crashes of Boeing co. star product 737 MAX-8---in a short period of four months time---(recent on 10th march, 2019 of Ethiopian airline) resulting in their grounding---their production has hit a snag-----putting fate of 5000 orders of such planes ----worth more than 600 billion dollars --- in doldrums. Source Bloomberg. Are these crashes "A CONSPIRACY or FREAK OF NATURE"?

  • Sir Concorde pe ek video baniye. And about the future of supersonic aviation.

  • Great explanation sir ji 👌🙏

  • 18 min went like i was watching a movie...😍 should start jee coaching or would be great for retirement plant ...people need ur knowledge..

  • Very well demonstrated 👍. But one thing I will like to tell about air france crash is that Junior pilot had pulled a lever which had put the plane in a continuous nose up position nd plane was stalled nd was falling from sky like a stone which was later detected by senior captain but it was too late by then. U were right the problem arised due to freezing of sensor which started giving wrong data.

  • I think the loss will be more than just 5% of their revenue. As we all can see it has already lost more than 10% of its market cap i.e. a direct loss of more than $20 Billion. Also the brand image is going to hamper.

  • I m very new to this chnl....though i cn say......its best......u r amazing Mr. Gaurav.

  • Sir you need to do color correction with sony camera

  • Sir ji.. Hatsoff to u

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  • Jab engine pilot ki sunta hi nahi to pilot ka kaam kya ha waha?😂

  • Good to have a highly educated person in youtube gaurav bhai. We more more informative video on aviation

  • Content is all good but what heck is wrong with your microphone?

  • Nice explanation .. but you got the air France 447 crash info is wrong .. .. the plane automation did not pitch down.. although the petot tube was frozen it gave them unrealiable airspeed ... The plane told them they were going too fast .. so in order to slow down the pilots reduced the thrust and pitched the nose up .(wrong move as they trusted the automation of the plane ) .. then the plane stalled and gave them another warning .. the stick shaker activated and the pilots were confused .. it was giving them a hard time ... (There were 3 pilots in that flight the captain was taking a break so when the problem started he was in the jump seat and couldn't interfere, could only give instructions ) he noticed that the plane was actually stalling and called for the pilot flying to pitch nose down .. but the other pilot was so distracted the was pitching nose up .. so two completely different input. Even the plane got confused.. and dint respond to it .. the other pilots didn't notice that the less experienced pilot was pulling the side stick up . Giving a totally opposite input ... as this was happening they were already very low on altitude and falling fast. ( I think it was more that 10000 ft per minute) fact- it take 4min to fall from crusing altitude which is around 30-40000 ft this case it was 36000ft so the had less than 2 mins to solve the the problem .. but. Eventually crashed.. the plane automation was working and all the pilots had to do was let go of the side stick and the plane would have recovered itself ..!!

  • Awesome bro! Clean explanation.

  • can pilot disable MCAS?

  • please correct me if I am wrong but if you look at the air France accident video , one of the reason was the joysticks operated by 2 pilots in opposite directions cancelling each others manual input to pull the nose up.

  • 737 max wing design is wrong ones it is air-bone if the pilot pulls the nose and take a sharp turn its difficult gat control again

  • Am I only one who couldn't understand this hinglish?

  • Pilot 👌👌👌

  • Very nicely explained stall

  • best explanation i an immpressed keep up the good work

  • What you explained about airbus airfrance flight 447 is factually in correct. The autopilot disabled when air speed sensors were frozen. It was the pilots’ fault for pitching the nose up which caused the stall. It was also attributed to lack of communication between pilots, one pitched up and the other pitched down. This was why the crash happened - it wasn’t because of autopilot. Autopilot disables when it’s sensors give faulty data. Bhai samjhana hai tho fake kyun batate ho? Aatabhi hai kuch? If you don’t know then research before you speak, don’t just speak and spread in wrong information.

  • Great information great way of saying ! Looking forward for more flight videos 🙌

  • Hi gaurav,you are really doing a great work buddy by explaining the facts to the best.I recently started watching your videos as my partner told me about you she works in the same airline as lead(pritee)...thanks mate keep up the good work

  • Can you explain this. Thank you

  • Aeroplane is so dangerous 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Good! Use English or Hindi the language of communication pleas!

  • I am an mechanical-automation engineer myself. The same reason why I would never prefer a car with electronic steering wheel control. Rack and pinion.. Old school suits me best. Similarly every car having an electronic handbrake should have a mechanical backup handbrake. Thus, please study about cars deeply before buying them. And also study about aircraft before booking the ticket. Hamesha mehengi aur technology se bhari cheeje acchi nahi hoti.

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  • भाई बॉडी ढीली पड़ रही है आपकी

  • Bhai kaun se country ka Airlines advanced technology ka hai Etihad Airways Dubai Emirates Dubai Jet Airways India Oman airways Oman Qatar Airways Qatar Gulf airways Dubai Air India India in May kaun sa country ka Airlines best and advanced technology ka hai bataiye Hum Kuwait Mein Rehte Hain Yeh Sab ke liye useful hoga

  • @Flying Beast, would you please redo this video in English? Thanks.

  • amazing experience and explained

  • Sir, spice jet is still flying Boeing 737. :( yesterday only I flew on it.

  • What a pile of fucking shite..your english is fucking terrible..

  • Automations are dangerous as they override pilots inputs.

  • Well explained MCAS. PICO tubes also tend to get blocked by ice that affects the airspeed... right ? Angle of attack tubes are installed somewhere above and between the front door and cockpit I suppose.

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  • this plane is making very big problum this is the smal wings give the big plane big wings ok good flat big ok

  • Ok..but who is the responsible for these incident?

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  • Look at the airlines that crashed. Thousands have taken off bigger airlines. Better training